Best Place To Stay For Some Making Their Debut???



Its probably been asked, But this is my First time on the Board and I'm booking my Holiday at the end of the month and I was wondering Where is the best place to Stay???

I won't know where anything ios so I don't want to get Bullshitted to at the Travel Agents, I'm looking to spend about 600/700 Pound on Accomadation, I want about a 3 star Hotel(Anything with Air-Conditioning Really), But its really about Location, Ain't it???

Someone told me to stay at the Bay, Cos its a bit Cleaner and that, But is it quite far from everything???

Someone help me out please, I know I sound like an idiot, But I ain't never been, So I would appreciate someonhes Help, you never know we could be out there together and I'll Sort you out Back(Nothing Sexual Though Fella's :lol: , But Ladies you never know what I'll Do :D )

Someone please Help!!!

It might help people to help you if you gave an indication of age, when you are going and what you want to do - your budget should be fine for most hotels - er is that room, B&B, half board? - does make a difference to recommendations :twisted:
It really depends what you're after matey, San An Bay is fine if you want to be over at that side of the island but away from San Antonio Town. I've stayed in the Bay probably about 4 x, 3x at the Palmyra Hotel (decent hotel, ok food, but no air con) and also the Bahia. Bahia is really nice, 4* hotel/apartments, good location, air conditioning YAY, and all that malarky but if you think you are going to be spending more time in Space/Pacha/DC 10 as opposed to Mambos/Eden/Es Paradis/etc then you are probably best off staying in Playa den Bossa.

I've stayed at Jet Apartments in Playa Den Bossa a couple of times, fantastic location but as apartments they're not all that, very basic, no air conditioning (apparently you're meant to be able to buy air con vouchers at reception but both times we asked and we couldn't :rolleyes: )

Both sides of the islands have got their good and bad points, it really depends what you're actually after but I can't see you having a bad time at either :D
Sorry if I didn't make it clear enough, I'm looking for Self catering(I rarely eat at the hotel when I'm away), I'm 23(Looking for quite lively Place) and I'm gonna go in July Sometime(Cod I heard Its better than August)