Best Place to Go 4 one Who isn't that bothered about Music?



I know it seems silly, But I ain't heavily into Music(Well not Clubbing Music anyway) and I was wondering what is the best club for just things like Girls, Atmosphere, How nice the place is inside,Etc......Things like that, You know???

If I was gonna say What music I listened to When I went out, I'd say House and Garage, Being from London and that and If I was gonna say what Music I didn't like, I'd say Techno,Trance, Hard House, thats off the top of my head, But as I said I don't really care about the music, I just wanna know what places do you think are the best as a whole???

Someone help me out please???
I will have a good time where ever I go, Cos I'm quite open minded, So I doubt I will be dissapointed, Everyone I know whose been says its really good, So I doubt I'll be the one who changes the general Opinion

i think that is the right mind to go on, an open mind, go and expect anything, and everything, don't go with any preconceptions and you'll have a brill time.....
so he shouldn't go to ibiza just because he is not that overly keen on music????hhhmmmmmmm!!!!
oh i agree that if you don't like a certain aspect of music then obviously you shouldn't waste your money going to that night, but that might change, after he has been space on sundays and clubbed in the sun hehehe!!!
I would challenge almost ne1 on the planet to go to Bora Bora through the daytime, and not fall in love with the place!!!!

You see old dears of 80 with the biggest smiles ever, standing under the Bora Bora sign amid the party people having their pics taken.

I would say El Divino & Pacha.

Simply because you can sit outside on the terrace(s) with a drink, the music is in the background, and not loud. Soaking up the atmosphere, seeing all the happy people, the gorgeous, stunning, even OOTW girls.

The only club I have been to where I would imagine someone who's not into the music not enjoying is Amnesia, and I've only been on Cream nights where it is so rammed you cannot move. An maybe Space after midnight, again same reason.

As Robo says you have the ideal attitude, chances are you will come home, and want to go back again and again, and fall for some of the music you have heard. And maybe like some of the peeps on here met your soulmate for life.

:D :D :D
The thing I'm saying when I say I ain't into the music is like this........I ain't got a favourite DJ ,I don't go to certain Clubs Cos a certain DJ is playing, I don't know the names of the records and things like that, But I enjoy myself in Clubs(I go out near enough every single week), So its not like I dislike the music, I just don't take it too seriously, I used to when I was younger..........Just wanted to clear that up

A couple of the people in my work have been(Ones been 2 years on the bounce) and they're more or less got the same attitude as me and Told me theres something for everyone and its the best place they've evr been, So I'm sure I'll enjoy it