best karoke tune

you dont bring me flowers or stuck in the middle with you, only kidding, im not really known for my karoke skills so im not sure :confused: ;)
I have an all time favourite, and im the worse singer youll have ever heard.....think......Geri halliwell......ouch!

shout by the beatles!!!!
its gotta be.

redemption song - Bob marley

easy like sunday morning - Lionel Richie and the Commadores
got to be

for me it has to be the rightous brothers she lost that loving feeling
I absolutely have the worse voice and refuse to go to karaoke given this fact. BUT I have been coerced to attend twice in my life and at one such event I sang Madonna's Holiday. I have to say it was probably the world's worst rendition of a song. It was extremely embarassing and I will never again sing to the general public again.
Got up and sang American Pie on Sept 12,2001 at some real local pub outside Kiddieminster (sp?). Killed the song but got a standing ovation. I dont think most of the people had even met an American definately not heard one sing LOL
reading the rest of your posts reminded me....

i forgot to add a little point...

those occasions were i sang (screamed) karaoke tune i was totally bombed, blocked, steamin drunk!

never, ever will you get me to sing a song sober! hear!
a few times i have had to get dragged up to sing.

party tunes...let;s twist again/doo wah diddy

never again glad i don;t go with that woman again.who used to put my name down....mine you its all fun...used to get pub rocking
got to be 'i will survive' but our version that the flappers made up!!!also build me up buttercup!!!! also like a ibiza virgin' also holiday! also black velvet, also do ya wana dance' also 'i say a little prayer' also '9-5' and to finaish off at the end of the night a drunken version of 'we are the champions'!!!!!!!