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I have downloaded soulseek, but for some reason, it keeps on saying that no connection can be made and my server may be down, when it is'nt beacuse im on here!!! Any suggesitions?????
what verison did you download ? it should be 149b.

my soulseek is working fine, so the server is currently up.

you running a firewall?
ok, if you installed the latest verison of soulseek - then you should be able to connect fine to the server.

if you cant, it could be because your firewall is blocking it. you should be able to allow your firewall to give permission for soulseek to access the net.

what firewall do you have?
dont turn ur firewall off! Soulseek's server has been getting battered recently leaving many with connection problems
I use to download music with LIme Wire, but I work with a Mac and I think it's not very good with PC...
make sure you have the dns fix for slsk otherwise you'll have problems.

i supply tracks for here so you should get some decent tracks:

Warning: I dont supply all their tracks so there is some crud on there too. They try to update everyday. you do need to register with an email addy but they dont send you any crap other than news on the updates.