Best daytime party...

use to be Circoloco on mondays...then after that i shall say We love @ space and...thats it coz the other parties at space open a 6pm...but We love is a must do!
oh and of course gala night on Wednesdays and Saturdays.It's the best day party IMO. Also don't forget the various boat parties you can get yourself on. :lol::lol:
Whats Gala Night like? what type of people and music?

It's an old restaurant(it never was a zoo). The zoo project is a day party, which mainly plays techno music.I'm sure there was some house last year though! As for the people it's mainly in the know music lovers, you do get your fair share of 'look at me, I'm pritty' but then they seem to be everywhere in Ibiza these says :(