Best clubs




This is the first time visiting Ibiza... And I haven't got any idee where to start, which are the best , ...

House music = Space (Sundays !), Underwater or Subliminal @ Pacha, Hed Kandi @ El Divino.

Trance = Cream @ Amensia, Judgement Sunday @ Eden

Techno = Cocoon @ Amensia

Plenty more nights as well, these are just a selection !
And if you are not looking to the music but to the venues itself, is it really hard to say which is the best.

Space --> world famous terrace, dark inside.
El Divino --> Classy, view on the bay when the sun rises and view to the big yachts in the harbour
Pacha --> a lot of hidden terraces/corners/spots
Privilege --> Big, overwhelming size! Nice outdoor terrace!
Amnesia --> The CO2 machine, the terrace, the dark dancefloor
Eden --> Nice balcony, good sound system
Es Paradis --> The whole interior.