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Can anyone (especially the locals) reccomend a the best hire car company? I'm looking for a compact cabriolet with CD player and the best quote I've found so far is £380, which is OK but just wondered if was cheaper dealing direct or if anyone has seen a deal on the web etc.


Try Holiday auto's (see link below)

We were quoted about £100 for a basic 5 door with air con for a week, which I think is quite good.

Whatever you do if you are in San An don't go to the hire car place just is just past the egg, as you go on the main road to Ibiza Town. We got absolutely ripped off there the first year we went in 2001, didn't realise until I got home and saw my credit card statement. Yikes
thanks for the replies. That last link has the same car for £413 (compared to £380 so I probably won't go for them. Keep em coming though please.
what kind of car do you get for 100 Euros a week?
And where is holidaycars placed? In San An. or Ibiza town??

tell me more as we are also planning on seeing as much of the island as possible....

With you can get a 4 door with air and cd for 200 euros a week. You can pick it up at the airport when you arrive. If you book now before June 4th online you can get 10% discount and you dont have to pay until you get there.

With you can get a Fiat 3 door with a/c for 150 euros a week. Dont know if it has a cd. You can pick it up at the airport or one of the other many locations around the island.

Anyone have any better details? :confused: I dont think you get much for 100 euros for a week.

Hope this helps. I'm want to rent too but dont know for a week, cant make up my mind. Its not much cheaper if you do. Best is go for a week i think.
Thanks to this post my mate has been able to hire a jeep. I was having problems booking him one as he is 24 but MotoLuis can do it :D
I just got around to booking with Moto Luis today. They are by far the cheapest and really helpfull. I made sure to mention the recomendation came from spotlight too :)
PaulSub said: as posted by James in another thread have the best prices I've seen so far (better than the orginal quote I had at the start of this post!

Yep they are, i just booked with them too! :D
We got a Peugeot 206 with a/c and cd for 5 days for 144 euros. But if you book for dates after July 1st the price goes up and goes up even more for dates after July 21st.

Never driven a Peugeot but at least they drive on the same side of the road as we do.. :D

it can be tricky but the peugeot has one wheel on each corner on the outside and one on the drivers side inside, plus three pedals, left hand one for less noisy gear changing but not essential, middle one to stop and the right hand one has go faster stripes - there is also an annoying lever in the middle which is hand operated to make the engine less noisy when used in conjunction with the left hand pedal.
€144??? are you sure the price on the site is €315! Also how many are there in your group because I think the 206 is basically a two seater with the roof down.