Best beaches for snorkelling?


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One of my passions is diving, so I'd be very pleased to know what are the best beaches to do snorkelling.

I'm not searching for beaches with sand only. I prefer rocky beaches or beautiful, transparent and intimate coves with sand at the end and rocks on the sides to practice this nice sport.

I'm thinking on Cala Xarraca, Cala Molí or Cala Conta.

Which ones on the island do you think fit to my likings better?
I would say xarraca or next door even better is s'illot - I know there are plenty of fish and octopus around the rocks and the water is crystal clear
Thank you.
I already had going to cala Xarraca on my must-do's. The same for Formentera.

Do you think there are better or similar places?
Did a lot of snorkelling at Beniras this year.

Was excellent - saw squid and an awful lot of good fish. We also swam right out to the rock where the water gets over about 100ft deep - but its worth it when you get to the rock itself as you can see it rise off the surface of the seabed from the bottom....Quite a dangerous swim though as its a long way out...make sure you are with at least 2 other people.