Best beach in ibiza


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Hi all
I was going to go to top up my tan on Thursday to the beach
Is there a particularly nice one? Im looking for peace and quiet without a DJ so
I can listen to sea. A sun lounger would be nice too.
Give me your suggestions?


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Just had a look and these look so beautiful I like how some look quite small so not hundreds of people and locals so that’s nice


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Hardly any Norwegians holiday on Ibiza. There are only two direct flights a week in summer. Norwegians holiday elsewhere. So it's a bit of a surprise seeing a massive promotion article (=paid advertisement) for Ibiza in one of our larger online newspapers:

It doesn't say who paid for this article/advertisement.

I'm not sure what's most disappointing: The crap grammar (it's clearly translated from Spanish), the 1980s era photographs (who in Ibiza pays to publish ancient pics in an advertisement?) or the fact that out of the "11 Best Beaches in Ibiza" they had to include my favourite spot which is supposed to be kept secret from the crowds. :mad:

There should be a ban on all articles and lists of best beaches in Ibiza.