Best bars in Ibiza Town?

I'd just wander mate. I've done the whole hit the town with a list - consisting of the obvious, Base, Rock etc etc - the best ones are the little nooks and crannys you will find sticking your head in round the port and Sa Penya.

From experience the above two tend to have the higher proportion of Brits compared to others, however thankfully no where is particularly Brit dominated.

I know thats the answer of a nob
thats what we did last year but i wanst sure if we were missing out on something! i'll do it again this year with a stop off at Base bar a maybe!
A tip for a local bar (from Jabeque) if you were on your way to Eivissa and the port bars (to get ripped off) for instance. Go along the prom into Figueretas,walk past the Ibiza Playa Hotel and Somni club,turn sharp left,cross over to your right and go into 'Jazz/Alameda'
Good music,reasonable prices,nice ceiling pics,only ever met a couple of brits there and they lived around the corner.

If it's quiet it's cool,if it's busy it's rockin'
Personally i would avoid any of the bars on the front of the port as they are all very samey... a couple of streets back either up around calle de virgin or around the entrance to dalta vila are some nice cosey, and more spanish orientated bars albeit these are cafe style
The point about the bars on the port is that you can "people watch" which is half the fun of being in Ibiza town at night.

I still think the best two bars for this are Mary y Sol & further along opposite the market stalls Estrella Bar.

Both are typically Spanish & drinks & snacks do not cost a fortune.