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Hello, i've done the search & read Grego's guide - very very helpful indeed.

There will be two of us, splitting off from a larger party to go clubbing at the end of March on a saturday.

Question is, how difficult is it likely to be to get in to the best clubs?

Any advice on dress codes etc?

Tresor appears to be the most straightforward - it makes a point on it's website that any one is welcome to come. Watergate & Berghain look like the bullseye though, but the worst case would be waiting for 2 hrs to get knocked back. Solely on the basis of internet winges this looks like its a distinct possibility?

Edit - with ref to said article, Grego can you tell me where the pics in it are from? Particularly 1 to 4. Cheers.
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I'd recommend taking a look at resident advisor closer to the dates you will be travelling to find out about most of the events taking place...

I've never been to Tresor although i heard that the place has been too commercialized nowadays.I've been to Weekend & Watergate and had absolutely no problem going in...however it's 1000% certain that you will find it difficult to get inside Berghain...

Don't dress too colourful,don't speak too much while at queue,try looking sober and knowing parts of the lineup would help too...

That's all from me...have a nice one!
1 is club der visionaire (summer only)
2 is weekend (again, not sure when the roof terrace is open during winter)
3 i don't know
4 is cookies i think.

basically, there are some things you can do to help your cause but after looking into this a lot and speaking to lots of people (including the doormen/promoters) and seeing it in action. it's totally random whether you get in or not.

especially berghain on a sat night/sunday am, watergate too can be a little like that.

my advice would be to see whats happening, make a shortlist of 3 or 4 places, and don't expect anything. if the queue at berghain is massive, don't bother, if it's short, have a go what have you got to lose!!

dress codes - jeans and trainers is standard.