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We(me and the missus) are planning a trip in Berlin mid-October and we would like to know some things:

1.How far away is Schoenfeld airport from the city centre?
2.How easy is to get in Panorama Bar,Weekend,Watergate???how should we dress???what time do the clubs get going???
3.what should we expect pricewise in restaurants and clubs???

any other tips???

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a.) Schönefeld (SXF)
18 km - Zuganbindung RE 4 & 5 (FZ: ca. 30 min) - Taxi ca. EUR 30,-

b.) the easiest way is to go through
the door, dress in a cool-sexy-hip was, nothing in Berlin start before midnight

c.) I would say London and Ibiza are more expensive

My best friend is from Berlin, I have never heard that people from England have problems to come in a Club .... enjoy the time in Berlin 8)

for many more questions, please do not hesitate to asked the nice people in the german forum !

and to Hamburg we need 2,5 hours by car :lol:

and this is for me one of the best Berlin DJ`S

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people do just get randomly turned away from places like panorama bar - try not to be wasted turning up and berlin cool is a bit less 'glam' than you might get in UK.
go to watergate after middnight then go to panorama bar/berghain about 6 am and stay til close sunday evening (or go to bar 25 some time in the afternoon and return to panorama for the last few hours if you still have the energy! your hand stamp will last for the full duration of the club being open)
Any recommendations where to stay??close to weekend,panorama bar,watergate(are these located near each other)and not too expensive,also when would be good time to go regarding line ups etc,sorry for all the questions an tanx for any help..:D
I was in Berlin recently, cool city.

Made myself a map before I left of where the clubs were and where I had to get U-bahn (underground train) and S-bahn (overground train) connections. It's only about €6 for a day ticket which lets you on any S-bahn or U-bahn around the entire city. Valid until 3am although I was there for 4 days and not once was my ticket checked.

I stayed in
Best Western Hotel City Ost in Friedrichstein which is a new 3 star hotel literally right beside an U-bahn station. £60 a night for the room.

It's walking distance from Panarama Bar (although you can get an S-bahn to Ostbahnhof which is pretty much right next to it) and Watergate, and you can get an U-bahn to Weekend and Tresor. You can get an S-bahn near to Bar25 too.

The drink costs in the clubs were pretty decent, especially compared to Ibiza, think it was €5 for a free pour vodka + mixer in Watergate and Panorama Bar.

British people definitely have a harder time getting in, a lot of my mates who have gone in the past have been refused entry. I don't think they like groups of blokes, better to split up and go in pairs with a female.
thanks for the map , will def be using that when we go. , sorry for being thickbut what do the blue routes mean?
Heading to Berlin this Saturday and hoping to go Berghain. I too will be using your map, cheers for that!:D
...ab heute: 250tägige Abschiedsparty von der Bar25.... :cry:

also lasst die Korken nochmal krachen..8)