Berlin Vs Ibiza

Berlin has better clubbing if you are into Techno, which I am, going for the 5th in a year this July. Still have an awful craving for Ibiza this year after missing last year though
Berlin is great, but I can only handle it for a few days at a time, there is just too much going on and too much potential for non-stop mayhem. :lol: See why it might be very appealing after London though - England is does have a much more aggressive, judgemental vibe, plus the nanny state mentality thing is horrid, health and safety seem to be squeezing the life out of everything !

At my advanced age, Ibiza is a much more relaxed option with the bonus of beaches and more regular sunshine. Granted the Gestapo are slowly killing off some of the "stuff of legend" and some of the "free spirit", but I think the pendulum may swing back a little over the years... (Can hope at least !)

Nice to have those choices though, makes life more interesting. How about 6 months in each and then you make your longer term move ?

Re language, personally I think it is only polite and respectful to attempt to learn some notions before and then hopefully do the rest on site as it were.