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Hi all.
Ive been looking at a few posts on here, and it's amazing just how many people want to live good old blighty and move to Benidorm or Ibiza.
I and my family have been to Benidorm twice ( Oct 2005 and Oct 2006 ) and i absolutely love the place. We have decided to go to Magaluf this year just to see what the difference is ( mainly because our ONLY two foreign holidays have both been Benidorm so we dont know what other places are like ).
Dont get me wrong, i am English through and through and proud of it, but lets face it, theres just nothing here for prospects or decent finances. my present job is ok, and we've just taken out our mortgage ( a bit late at 41, but it had to be done because i was fed up of paying rent).
Both my partner and i want to move to Benidorm perhaps sooner rather than later but probably like so many of you, we just cant.
No chance of a job abroad.
too many commitments here.
children who have stated categorically they dont want to move.
no cash.
each time i have got off the plane at Alicante i have thought, "i'm home".
who knows, maybe one day...............


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Moving to Benidorm

Hi there

I too got the Benidorm bug from the first time i visited about 20 years ago. I have been four times already this year and have the feeling of home. Therefore, I have sold my property in England and am moving to Benidorm in about three weeks time. Got a property on hold for me for three weeks while i search for a job and somewhere more permanent to live.

Its something I have always wanted to do but never really had the guts. I thought that if I didn't go for it now at the age of 33, I probably never would. Its very nerve racking as I am travelling alone, I have got to know a few people over there so hopefully I will settle in quickly. Whatever it takes, I never want to have to resort to coming back to live in England, there is just no comparison!

Congratulations to all that have already made the move and anyone else thinking about it, just do it. No-one I have met over there regrets the move!

Sarah x8)