heres the thing, neither me nor my mate are gay in any way shape or form, but he'll be wearin what might be viewed by some, as some vey camp clothes (belly tops and the like)!

i was intending on doing something similar for the laugh but i was just wondering how this might be recieved in different locations/clubs, any suggestions?

makes a change from jerseys ay!?!? :lol:

It will keep your belly nice and cool so go for it.

No-one will care unless you happen to bump into some drunken British hooligans in San An.
Everyone is to busy enjoying themselves to notice wat anyone is wearing.

You could stroll about in a giant chicken suit within the clubs and no one would batter an eye lid.

Wear wot you want and enjoy your self. :D

:oops: Don't wear football shirts on the night in the west end though (during the day or night anywhere else is ok) they may prevoke the morons (18 year old townies who can't take their drink). Sorry :(