Belgium - Nutter kills 3 in creche!!

Obviously a mentalist !! Poor little mites :cry:

From the BBC.

Two infants and an adult have been killed and 10 other people wounded in a knife attack at a creche in north-western Belgium.
A man reportedly tricked his way into the nursery in Dendermonde where he ran amok inside before escaping. He was later captured at a local supermarket.
The suspect apparently had painted his face black and white.
Parents have begun the harrowing task of identifying children stabbed during the attack at local hospitals.

Three children are reported to be in a serious condition in hospital.
I can't even begin to understand... why?!?!?!!? :evil: :evil::evil:

Apparantly the murderer had a painted face and got back on his bicycle and calmly drove away after.

Poor little things, and thoughts to the care-worker as well :cry: :cry: :cry:
The joker painted face seems to be not true, the men just has a very white face.
Apperently there is a lot of evidence he also killed a 72-year old women just one week before the creche incident. The women was choosen randomly.
And he had also the adresses of 2 other creches in the neighbourhood where wanted to also after his first visit.
This is the latest news from the press

This is indeed very sad news. Belgium is still in shock after this.