Belated Review, Belated Honeymoon

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Note... We were married in February, but took the honeymoon in Ibiza, June 27- July 4... Mr D & I wrote this a few weeks ago over the course of several beers. I'm just in charge of typing it back in...

Friday, June 27
Land in Eivissa / Ibiza at 11:00 p.m.
Arrive at Pacha at 1:15 a.m.
Terrace from 1:20 a.m. - 3:17 a.m. Deep Dish. Not the pizza. Mrs D likes the pizza a bit better. Mr D entertained himself by chatting to an American girl (not his wife) on the terrace for awhile. After attempting the dance floor & then returning to the terrace. Mr D discovered his mystery-bollox talkers were Jannica & Dan(ce4life).
And the night went on.
The 5-HTP worked. Well.
Mrs D doesn't remember leaving. But we must have made it back to the hotel. Cos that's where she recalls shagging. It's a honeymoon, people.

Saturday, June 28
Saturday afternoon, Mr D introduces Mrs D to Bora Bora. Spiderman has been sighted. And possibly Hat Man. From Bora Bora we traipsed back to Ibiza Town and our point man.
Vamos a Eden, via Bar M.
Retro may be old, but it's not dead. And Mr D was definitely drunk. Again. After a much needed sesh with his Northern kindred, we inspected the VIP toilets (Eden graciously comped us, as this is our ground zero; this is where we met).
Mrs D repeatedly spooked the two out by making them stand in the place where their eyes first met last August, the first kiss, the departure.

And we met Tank Top Guy from Notts. Bless.

Again, Mrs D does not recall leaving Eden, but apparently we made it back to the hotel, cos thats where we shagged next.

Sunday, June 29
Mrs D's mom's birthday; we call home. Mrs D's mom advises both Mrs D & Mr D not to do drugs.
Vamos a Space.

If Jo Mills' bangin set wasn't a giveaway that we were in a magicland, the fact that Mr D eyed up a trannie was proof that Space has its own universe. He insists she had nice t!ts.
Briefly: Terrace/Sweaty/Discoteca/Cold. Help, we're lost in Space. Mrs D occasionally wondered how much genetic engineering went into creating those creepy muscle guys. But not for long. We had some shagging to do.

Monday, July 1
Mambo, Coastline, Bar M, Fanny Flashing, Manumission, Smokin Jo, Spanish Italians.

The highlight of Mr D's night was his wife's fanny flashing at Manumission and insisting Mr D cop a feel.

The highlight of Mrs D's night was really learning days later that her skirt had migrated northwards substantially. Oh, and Dave Seaman played Clocks.

Carry On
Get on wrong bus. Mrs D saves day yet again with fluent Spanish skills. Disregard dying dog in queue for correct bus.
Fruit fight at space.
Shag at hotel. God bless air conditioned rooms.

Tuesday, July 2
Bora Bora. More Spiderman. Mrs D becomes hostile and rabid at sight of Clown Hat Man. Starts using words of violence. If a clown costume wasn't enough, the parasol and hat really said, "Hey world, check me out."

Return to hotel to shag and assemble pirate costume for Garlands. Devastation. Mrs D, while remembering to pack crack pipe, extra underwear, electrical adaptor and dental floss, has failed to pack eye patches and swords. Flyswatters, found at Spar-cum-Spanish Language School, will have to suffice. Yes, we were the arseh*les killing mosquitoes on everyone in the basement at Pin Up. Mr D was a fooking fairy with a wand. NOT.
Thanks to Dorian and Huey for such a welcoming visit. Had a top night.
Mrs D met good people whilst cuing for the one semifunctional whizzerie. Cheers.
Proceeded to ambulate via el coche to Pacha with random Leeds couple (Lou & Ben). They restored Mrs D's faith that you can be married with a child and still 'ave it.

Carry On
Armed with carry on In Bed With Space wristbands, we made it to the Spar across from Space and Mr D passed out, leaving Mrs D (who Mr D referred prior to his passing out as a "proper caner," somewhat disturbed by his wife's superpowers) plenty of time to purchase more fizzy water and sundry other useless foodstuffs.
Took taxi back to hotel with promise to return to In Bed at 1:00pm. Stayed in bed til 5:00 pm
Sorry to our Spanish Italian lads :(

Wednesday, July 2
Wierd. Just wierd.

Thursday, July 3
Mr D starts to feel his mortality. Rescued again by Mrs D's fluent Spanish, we were able to dine alfresco at Kumharas.
Ice Cannon.
Mrs D liked Tiesto more. Mr D liked PVD more.
Furry boots lass got headbutted by notsocool blokey on the floor. Got to see triage unit at Amnesia. Whoooo.....
"Have you had anything other than your vodka redbull tonight, ma'am" :eek: :eek:

Carry On
In taxi with random reporter lad we met in taxi cue, we waivered between Space and catching final winks in bed before getting kicked out of hotel.
Decided to catch final winks and get proper showers.

Friday, July 4
Overslept by 2.5 hours, woken up by front desk reminding us we were to check out at noon. Nothing packed. Apparently Mr D is used to this kind of chaos. Mrs D is not.
Shoved all belongings including coveted Hierbas in luggage and vamosed to Salinas.
Attempted to dine at Salinas. Not a good idea. Restaurant 1 = no service. Despite the fact that it was open and had food. Malibu = possibly worse than no service. Actually charged fifteen Euros for cheese that is native to Spain. Have been charged 1/3 the price for same cheese imported from Spain to Chicago.
Mrs D liked the water though.

Vamos a Bora Bora.
Carried on. Decided the airport would be more manageable if we just got our luggage and brought it down to Bora Bora, exhausted the supply and carried on... We danced around our suitcases. Thank you DJ Gee.

Vamos al aeropuerto.

Both Mr & Mrs D somewhat disturbed at amount of children at airport. Savored every movement -- every step that moved us ahead to the ticket counter. Mrs D used the "luna de miel" line once more, but there's no 1st class on My Travel.

In sum, best honeymoon ever. ;)
lol I do, I do ... tomorrow is our first night out since Ibiza .... can't wait tho!
I'm deffo very antsy for it. And we couldn't ask for a better night -- Tim Deluxe & Derrick Carter (I've never seen either!)).

Who you got goin' on? ;)