Bel Sito


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I was fortunate enough to be guided towards a Restaurant in San Antonio called BEL SITO, it is basically a posh Restaurant with very reasonable prices and is situated overlooking the harbour rather than the worst parts of San An. (opposite Claub Nautic) You have a great view of the boats from the table and the food was fantastic. Try the steak, imported from mainland spain. The chef was also winner of various awards and used to chef at Sa Capella.

We ate there last night before leaving today for home and now they are also doing a free bottle of cava when you spend over 30 euros. Not bad hey!
thanks for that review biggy.

that's the nice litle strip of bars and restaurants i like to frequent. the nautical club, rita's, bel sito, island bar, s'aravedero, villa mercedes.
all good for people watching, eating, drinking, relaxing and no noisy music!
is it any wonder no-one wants the new space next door?
great review!! ;)







(all pictures taken in april 2003)

Bel Sito is a particular fav with us Garlands lot. Fantastic food, great prices and in a much underated area of San An. We love it and will be hanging out there every wednesday after our parties. It's going to be a big meet up point for us this summer.