being ' fat ' in ibiza


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well i used to be 8stone 9 pound and now im 11 stone 4 pound
i started a new diet in jan and is seems to be going ok (i was 11 stone 7 pound)
will i fit in out there? im very self concious as i used to be skinny and this is the first tiem in a bikini since putting all the weight on.
will i get rocks thrown at me? lol i know it soudsn silly but it seems pretty girls and skinny girls shoudl be out there not me :(
No you are probably right best stay at home then!!;)

Don't be so silly. You will be fine. Nobody cares in Ibiza. Just go and enjoy yourself.

I ain't worried about my bald head and beer belly or my skinny legs! Fcuk em.

You go and enjoy yourself mate. No one will care bout you and i don't mean that horribly but they will be too busy enjoying themselves. He says.
dont be daft...u will be fine :)

if it really is bothering u though u should exercise as well as diet, the weight will fall off much quicker

enjoy your hols:)
Ibiza is a great place in that (for the vast majority of people there) looks, size, shape, income, job and other common elements of "division" amongst humans just don't seem to matter. So please don't worry about a bit of extra weight and ENJOY ! I have noticed too that the more confident people seem, the less their appearance seems to register...,

Well done for kicking off the diet - although I would second the exercise tip. I just can't do "diets" in the traditional sense, though I am a pretty healthy eater by nature, just in large quantities:lol:. It is the exercise that keeps me slim and upbeat...
I don't think you need worry for a second.

You won't have to be a coke-twisted, anorexic peg to be able to enjoy yourself.
Your basically an averaged sized woman with tits and an arse - nowt wrong with that my love - embrace them - most men would :) :) :)

I embrace my lumps now........ I am never going to be a size 8 again..... I am happy now at the weight I am

(still trying to shift 5lbs tho) :lol::lol:
I weigh about that and ive been to ibiza 3 years on the run, never felt anything like that in regards to weight. You get all shapes and sizes everywhere, its mind over matter!!!
I was bloated when I went, I think by that time I was at least 220lbs.

Keep up the diet/exorcise and you'll be fine. And you'll loose the weight when you get home, everyone does.

But seriously, if you feel up to going out in your home town, you should be fine in Ibiza.

I have no idea what your weight means but my impression is that there are less fat people and more good looking tourists at Ibiza than other Med. Islands.

On the other hand....

If you don't mind, it doesn't matter ;) Seriously though, I think people are much more unprejudiced in Ibiza than in many other places

... i think this is spot on and one of the things making it such a great island. Also why you see clubbers in all ages, social classes etc having fun together.