Beer Situation

DJ Biff

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as you can imagine, being somewhat famous, i have been invited out so many times in the past by spotlight members who claim that they 'will buy me a beer.'
needless to say i have never bothered to turn up.
should i bother this season?

Tell ya what Biff... If youre in Ibiza when Im in Ibiza... I will buy you not just one... but two beers!!! oh I know Im a big spender... you might want to show up this time... there will be lots of hot ladies there!
hot ladies - pah! gimme cold beer.
robo you aren't old enough to buy me a beer
sorry rustywoo, my memory must be playing tricks on me.
now, about these hot ladeeeeez...........................................
whoa there anna. let's think about this.....
you want me to buy you a beer, even though we have not been formally introduced!
it just wouldn't be right!

i bite but on when asked

i am always up for a good session be it beer or the other things

yes nothing beats a session an cronic blunt at aroun 5pm in mid august
on sun set strip with a wicked chill out tune in the back group.

well only 3 half months till me return.