Beer Advice Needed


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Hey guys,

Normally, whilst out of an evening, my usual tipple is either spirit and mixer (vodka red bull) or an alco pop of sorts, however.....

After reading several drink prices threads, I've come to the conclusion that to drink in this way is going to cost the earth. My soloution is to try drinking bottled beers, but this poses the problem that I don't really like the stuff!

The plan is to spend the next 2 months conditioning myself to liking it in the aid of cashflow, so, my questions are these....

1. Which bottled beers are available in San An west end and also the populer clubs?

2. How much are said beers, typically?

Once I know there's 1 or2 brands that'll deffo be available, I can try them out to find 1 that is acceptable.

Cheers in advance people

You know what happens a lot in the clubs, as the bar staff 'free pour' the Vodka you tend to end up with at least a double measure but more likely a triple. Also with a fair helping of ice. Normally the tonic ( or wharever mixer you have) will not then fit in the glass as well.
If there are two of you there is in fact two drinks there.
Just find an empty glass. split the Vodka and ice into two and then top up both glasses full with the tonic.
You then have 1/2 price drinks.
Thanks for the info guys, i'll give San Miguel a try.

Thanks for the tip I-Spy, never thought of that!

Regarding the beer belly thing, think i'll give that a miss, i've already got a firmly established 'podge'


of course, there are 'alternatives' to booze and busting holes in your pocket...

*whistles innocently into air*