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Just to let everyone know, i think there may be a few posts about the top night that was had at BED on 6th. I have loads of pics of Saffy, Mambo, the Hed Kandi team. I even have a couple of Saffy and Mambo doing the legendary boobie grab, but i don't know if i can can share that one with you all, he he. As soon i have edited the pics i will get some up so you can all see what fun was had
Umm I think I need to see these pics before you post em Joey !!
As usual .... brilliant fun!

Can't type much as I cant see the screen well as I'm full of a cold and my head's banging like I'm being hit with a brick.
*Saffy* said:
Umm I think I need to see these pics before you post em Joey !!

Ive already asked him that, ive got a feleing a few are gonna be used as bribes for a bit.

:lol: :lol: He said theres a piicture of me going to Grab Hattys breasts!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: Bloody Hell :lol: :lol: :lol:

I cant see much :eek:

Hmmm .. I told you I was easy to carry about !
Hed Kandi was excellent as usual ....

The nights get better and better ....
Hmmm .. well .. my own fault I know, cos I dont NORMALLY drink alcohol when I am out clubbing .. actually, that's a big fib, I do .. but just NOT AS MUCH as I did last Saturday .. I am sorta ashamed of it actually .. hence no big reports ..