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hi was wondering if any one has recently returned from cala llonga as would like to know the latest prices on the beach for two sun beds and an umbrella as going in four weeks and prefer the beach to pool and was trying to work out if i need extra spends thanks for your help:lol::lol:
Each bed and umberella will set you back 3.60euros each item each day. You say you prefer the beach to pool, and yes what a lovely beach but highly recommended is Ibiza Apts pool.
Not necessary for you to be staying there, but good food and drink which obviously you would have to purchase. Free sunbeds and umberellas along with a fabulous host...........Nico. Saves a euro or two if you only you go every other day.
well be begin tight as i am.about 5 years ago i bought a umberella from a carboot sale.just took the owners umberella down and used mine.he is the old guy near el pina apts bow legged.all he did was move use away from the unused umberella got two more beds out.

i used to do it in playa den bosaa as well.

thank you for your replies we are staying at oasis sa tanca which has a pool but i much prefer beach onca again thank you going 3 weeks on saturday cant wait:lol::lol::lol::lol: