Beckham To AC Milan

I bet old Posh is getting excited round the goal mouth!

Never going to come back to England, done Spain and so the obvious choice is Italy. Mourinho wouldn't have that circus following him to Inter so Meeeeeelan it is.

Dave ain't daft though is he? For a reasonably good footballer he has done very well for himself on and off the pitch. Fair do's.
To be read: Posh want's to spend Winter in Milan, David thought he might aswell tag along and earn some money whilst he's over there...
that bloke changes football teams like I change my mind... :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

It's only his 4th club can hardly call him ahmed mido:confused:

Hopefully he can get a permanent move because he;s playing in a sub standard league no better than our league 2. Go D-becks:p
Dinho, Sheva, Kakà, Beck....Ac Milan is turning into an All Star Team...

This is only possibile because the President (Berlusconi) has got loads of money and is the Prime Minister too (and he changes laws for his own interests...).....

(p.s.: Since Dida, Kalac and Abbiati are s**t, Silvio if u need a good goalkeeper, please phone me... I'll play for 50.000 € per year....Come on it's cheap !!!)
fair play to him i say.
The guy is 100% dedicated to playing for his country & will fly half way around the world to sit as a sub & play 12 months of the yr to stay in shape- where as some players do not have half that passion/ determination.

There are plenty of people who have written him off / hate the guy but given all he has overcome over the yrs & came out the other side a stronger person for it. i say good luck to him.

I do think he should have stayed in European football for another few yrs, Then gone to the states but I'm sure his accountant would dis-agree!!

An england team with no Beckham doesn't seem the same