beach pictures: cala molí + cala codolar!!


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here are some recent pictures:

· cala molí (taken on friday 8th august)

· cala codolar (taken on saturday 9th august)

just a tip for the ladies going to cala moli - take 15 to 20 euros to buy a pareo. a young couple travel there every day about 2/3 ish to sell the best pareos my wife has ever seen.

nice pictures mackie - i am about to invest in some really good goggles and flippers because the diving is so good at cala moli.
Good pics.

Just a tip for those of you that want to save the pictures (the right click is disabled on that site) is to just drag the picture to your desktop (or any folder you like). Simple :)
OMG! McRackin I was on that beach that day!!!!!
Cala Moli, not one of my favourites although your pic´s make the place look better that it was!
too many stones and rocks but i collected some beautiful stones from the sand and have placed them in a jar at home, can pick on up and almost smell Ibiza, the sand and the beack againb! didnt wash thm, as it would be like washing the karma out of them!
I didnt like Cala Moli that much, hard rocks, not very good sand and too much seaweed....maybe it´s just me? Cale D´Hort looked far more interesting but there were SO MANY PEOPLE so we gave up instantly!