beach parties



hello guys

i`m going to visit ibiza next friday for one week with a friend of mine
it's our first time... and we are party people... but we don't like that commercial shit in big discos...:)
are there any small parties perhaps on the beach or in the woods, maybe some goa shit?

Try Bora Bora in playa d'en bossa. dinny think you'll find out too much about hippy parties on here or until you actually get over there. If i were you i'd give the clubs a try though. you never know you might like these 'commercial shit' clubs. If you want some advice, check out space on a sunday afternoon. am sure you'll enjoy the terrace. ;)
actually for goa stuff nowadays you have to go to thailand for the full moon beach parties.

Police in goa are really cracking down on the party scene over the last year or two!

Still the best music ever though - kicks the a*se out of todays trance
hehe, so where do you hear about these famous parties. A friend of mine was invited to a great one in sept. i beat the crap out of everything else he said!
Me and my girlfriend went to a free party near cala salada(i think) last aug. To be honest it wasn't that good, i much prefer amnesia and space. And bora bora, and even eden. There,s plenty of none comercial nights on at the clubs anyway. ;)