Base Ibiza 2003


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Prob already posted a million times before....

But u Gotta check this album out! Cant believe I aint been to Base itself yet- its always kinda been a little intimidating for me, but after listenin to this i think ill definately check it out!

I totally agree Nish ... some may say it's commercial but to be honest, I don't care .. they're giving me what I want ... a cd STONKING FULL of memories of the white isle and of 2003 !

We had a lovely time there I have to say .. mind, I was a bit squiffy on sangria so I was in an ultra chatty mood. Still get texts from AndyB, mainly rubbing it in that he's at Pacha or Space ! TUT !
I never usually buy compilations but got this pretty cheap, might actually get the Space one from this year as this compilation is pretty sweet!
The Base 2003 CD is fantastic imo, especially CD 2. Right from the first track Touch The Sky it is funky as anything, love the track "Reckless" in the middle. Sod those who pooh pooh these compilations, this one is excellent and well worth buying!