BASE bar

Prob best bar in Ibiza Town imo, it's moved slightly this year cos it had got too big for its current locations. Great for drinks pre-Pacha.
...I actually prefer the Dome bar where all the parades climax. At around 2/3am all the a listers arrive and it makes you feel extra special. :p
Dome is best by far (always make sure i have the g/f close by though ;) )

I used to love Base a couple of years ago, but last year it seemed like a tourist trap. I only went once last year - it was horrible - way too busy and took ages to get a drink (bit like Bed last week)

Hopefully Base will be much better this year at their new premises.
yeah its moved to san an next to play 2 (only joking got you worried thou didnt i)
klingclubber said:
where's it moved to?
went there nearly every night last year (just at the end right next to that cd stall?)
loved it!

There was a girl working on that stall who was a right B I T C H. I dropped some headphones accidently whilst listening to a CD and she went off her head.
hahha , prob time of the month, maybe she is just a misery?
doens't sound like very good customer service does it!

so where has base moved to?
and whats in its place then
Yup just keep walking you cant miss it.
It's really cool, nice and white washed inside and big area with comfy seats out the front, was there for the opeining party at the begining of May, the place was ramaroozled!
Still prefer Dome and Oriental though