Base bar HAS moved and other news!


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What we’ve done, we’ve took Sausalito’s, its become the new Base Bar.

To get to it, go past the old bar, it’s next to El Farro with all the lobsters out the front. That’s going to be for the smooth crew,” explains Mr Bull.

“The old Base Bar becomes SPIN, cheap and chic we call it. The Base Bar had got as far as it could in those surroundings. I’m surprised we got away with it for so long to be honest.”

One theory is his occasionally startlingly good looking staff distracted attention from their rustic interior. Also helpful was the policy of dispensing chupitos to anybody in the vicinity, including the throngs of thirsty club parades who are regular visitors. But consistency of service has been the driving theme throughout his career, as the guests who have flocked to Es Vive have discovered.

But wait – there’s more…
“We’re making a new bar in conjunction with Smirnoff. Experience @ Es Vive it’s going to be called. We have new furniture etc, all to a very high design level.”

Back in their sun loungers this year are Hed Kandi, who must be feeling very smug about their longstanding relationship with Jason. The two eponymous CD compilations have been a runaway success, and Base Bar II and Es Vive Dos are already in the pipeline.

There’ll be parties twice weekly at the hotel, and one at Base before the Hed Kandi party as El Divino on Saturday nights. It has to be said, ’it’ is most definitely on.

And what else does Jason Bull and Base Bar promise the punters in 2003?
“Whatever they want. Better, bigger, faster, more. We’re going to take the whole concept to a new level. They thought they had fun the last couple of years, they should see what this year’s going to be like.”

Thank you for shedding light on the rumours
I'm glad they have moved to bigger premises as it would get too busy in there.
As long as they still keep the esscence the same then it should still be a good bar to go to.
Robo said:
we’ve took Sausalito’s, its become the new Base Bar

surprising news!! :eek:

sausalito was a c o c k t a i l bar owned by space!! :idea:

Have to check this out...last year Base was our place to go if out in Ibiza Town and it was a cracking warm-up for the night
base bar blows. hope the new one is a bit better. good concept-design, bad delivery. pint of beer for 1400 pesetas ( few years ago) = greedy = elitist = not the scene that SHOULD be in ibiza, but the one that IS. sorry jase.