Base Bar forced to move back to old venue??


We were in Ibiza last 2 weeks and visited Base fora quiet drink on the Saturday night and as a pre-club for Defected on the Sunday.

The new place is really nice (lovely big couches to relax on) but it seemed really really quiet.

BUT......we went back on the wednesday night and the neon signs reading BASE IBIZA had been taken down from the new venue AND the old location (which on the first 2 nights had both BASE and SPIN signs) was now only displaying a BASE sign. Plus the BASE drinks menus were moved from the new place to the old place.

Could it be that they moved cos it was unjustified to move to a bigger venue?

v.strange :confused:
I've already covered this.

Jason (who owns Base) was telling me that he moved back cos the new place wasn't really working. You don't get as much foot traffic along the stretch where they moved to. And, basically he felt he 'knew' the old place better.

Whatever his reasons, I think he's done right. The new place wasa too 'loungy' to be base and I think its gone back to being 'Zuka'
not Zuka

Well I guess there are many reasons why Base has retreated. And timing is one of them - this is a tough summer for all.

But ye olde Base is NOT Zuka - that's above with entrance on c/Virgen 75 and well worth a visit