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I am off to Barcelona for a long weekend next Saturday. I am planning to go to the Barcelona match on the Sunday, but want to do a decent club on either Saturday or Sunday night.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have heard of Cafe Bahgdad, for 'guys' entertainment, but is there anywhere I can hear decent house music?

Also, are there any 'lookie men' in Barcelona, if you get my drift.

I have heard there is a WE LOVE SUNDAYS..... at a club in Barcelona. Does anyone know about this?
I was in Barcelona last weekend and went to a club called Otto Zutz. It was alright. They have 3 floors. The ground floor is house music, middle floor is split into two and in one area you have R&B and the other 70s and 80s. The third floor is the VIP area which plays a bit of everything.
I was witha big group and there was something for everyone there. There did seem to be 'lookie men' around but I wasnt getting involved.
There is obviously more specialist music type clubs but I enjoyed my night there.
Try out the CLUB DANZATORIA... (They also own the new after-club in Ibiza Town: The Pin-Up)

!!!!Roger Sanchez is playing there this friday(07/02)!!!!

Resident : Javi Muñoz (Balearic people@Privilege)

We Love Sunday... at Club Danzatoria!!!!! YES YES YES!!!

:) :lol:

Ibiza Rules!!!
Fantastic! Gutted that I do not get there until the Saturday as Roger Sanchez is one of my favourite DJs!

I cant read Spanish that well. What is on the Saturday and what time does it start? (DJs etc, music)

What time does We love Sundays start at, go on to?

Finally, how much does it cost?

You are a super star. Thank you.
welove sundays@space starts at 8 am sunday morning til 6 am monday morning. The terrace which in my opinon is the best part of space shuts at 10 pm.
Hello Dirk,

They don't say anything about We Love Sunday@clubDanzatoria...

The club opens at midnight, and the price to get in should be less expensive than Ibiza... Maybe 10 or 20€...

The club is situated in the Marine Village club near "Las Ramblas"

I tryed to contact one of my friends who works there, but I couldn't reach him...

So, if you go there, have a little thought for me if you hear Javi Muñoz playing, he's a great friend of mine and he plays pretty well!!!!

Sorry Robo, talking about We Love Sunday@clubDanzatoria...

What is Javi Muñoz like? What is his musical style? We are thinking of going on both Saturday and Sunday. What is a Saturday night like?

Is it the same times as clubs in Ibiza, get there about 3.00?

Any other info greatly appreciated. We are going tomorrow morning.
Sorry I didn't answer you... Too much work...

Hope you have liked the disco and had a great week-end

I've heard about a good club called SOUVENIR in Viladecans, some kms south from BCN. Some people told me the music and ambience are great.
I don't know much about it, but I heard a town of Sitges, south of Barcelona, is beautiful and has great clubs... anyone been there?
alee said:
I don't know much about it, but I heard a town of Sitges, south of Barcelona, is beautiful and has great clubs... anyone been there?

I visited Sitges before in the summer. It's a resort like area -- not too much nightlife -- more of a chilled out spot.