Barcelona - Where should I go?


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I am off to Barcelona for a long weekend in February. What clubs/bars should I go to?

I have heard that Pin-Up have a club in Barcelona, can anyone tell me anymore?
Yes I've been to barcelona, but no clubs.

Try this link (about the only one I could find with more than 'there's a great nightlife')

Also, go to the zoo!!! I don't usually agree with most, but this one is quite good and, I don't know if he's still alive, but they held the world's only captive albino gorilla. And he's a big chap I can tell you.

Also, check out the architecture. Fantastic!!! I can't really explain how it is.

Last thing. there's a huge street market selling just about everything and anything which is worth a look.
Well Dirk BIgler, I might be able to help you on that...

I have several friends from Ibiza who are working at club Danzatoria... They told me it was a good place to go. There are going to do We love sundays... over there...

The site says that it's under construction.

Hope I've been helpfull.

:) ;) Is there an imposter using my name???

I am from the other side! 5 - 1 and all that, roll on another thumping on Sunday!!

You have to go to Cafe Baghdad. It is without a doubt the best live sex-show in the world (not that I've been to many mind!), worth every penny of about £40 & lasts two hours, and has even featured on Eurotrash.

Not exactly a conventional/cultured night out, but I went there on a stag do in July, and it has the most beautiful girls you have ever seen - you would definitely be chuffed to introduce them to your mates & mum, though minus the strap-on dildo...

Now, where's my urinte-soaked flasher-mac...? :twisted:
It is a stag night I am going on also. Cafe Bagdhad sounds like a place we must visit!
Head for red sessions!!! Especially if Sonny Wharton is on - fantastic DJ. :)
Razzmatazz has some good nights, The Loft (not the one from Hollyoaks!!) is not bad. Also the original and best Pacha is only about 40km away in Sitges. The Born area is good for laid back bars. Take a look in the music shops around the Barri Gotic for flyers and posters or just ask the trendy young things around the Placa Reial.

Hope this is of some help. By the way, even if you're not a footie fan, I recommend the tour of the Camp Nou. It's well worth the £4 or so it costs. ;) P.s. As a footie fan from Edinburgh it may also be the only chance you get to see the Champions League trophy up close!! Sorry, only joking :)