Barcelona to Ibiza with ferry question



A group of us have not bought our ferry tickets to ibiza from Barcelona yet, were thinking we can just buy them when we arrive at Barcelona. Before screwing ourselves I wanted to ask some of you with maybe first hand experience.

My questions are, does anyone know if tickets to Ibiza from Barcelona can be purcashed the same day we want to depart? Do they ever get sold out? Should we reserve them now?... how do we get eurail discount on them, or do we at all?

I have called the ferry companies over there, but none of them speak english to answer my question. Or when I do get a hold of somone who speaks some english I barely understand them or they never give me a direct answer.

If anyone has info about this I would appreciate the help.


my freinds were in barca last week they caught the ferry there without booking the tickets previously but i advise to pre book the tickets as they had to suck off the crew for the favour :evil:
Assuming you know your dates, DEFINITELY book in advance, especially if you're going peak season (July/August). We couldn't get our first choice of dates on trasmediterranea and we booked in Barcelona about 4 days before leaving for Ibiza. In fact, we couldn't book anything for the return until we got there and something opened up. Yeesh.
We also saw other people get turned away for doing same or next day travel.

Plus, the LAST thing you want to do is faff about with trying to sort your "boat" excursion out when you're bursting to get your holiday going.

You may also try getting on the website & check for agents in English-speaking countries
They may be more helpful.

One more piece of advice -- esp. if you're taking the dumpy crap boat from Barcelona -- bring your own food & drink. The bar sold out of food (except crisps) on ours. Obviously this advice is contingent upon whether you have the stomach to eat/drink on a boat. Also, if it's not too late, check into flights from Barcelona to Ibiza... Really. Our boat was late leaving, late arriving and took about 2 hours longer altogether. Although I must say, I feel like a stronger person after the experience :lol:
Thanks for the great info. We were just going to wait and get the tickets from there, good thing I asked first. Im gonna call and see if I can get the eurail discount, if not, im just going to book the tickets through the website.