Barcelona <-> Ibiza Ferry Help!



Hey guys...

We are planning to take a ferry from barcelona to ibiza (round trip) that takes a max of 4 hours. Does anyone know where we could book one? Because we looked around the websties and the forums... it takes 9 hours to get there?!? We are looking for high speed ferry's, if they are avalibale. Also, has anyone taken a plane from Barcelona to Ibiza?

Thanks for your input!!

~ Jason
If you want to be in Ibiza in less than 4 hours, then you'd better take the ferry at Denia or Valencia because it's only 2 hours...

There are no high speed ferry's from Barcelona to Ibiza... I've done it last year... It's a very very long journey but it's ok!

Check the info in the main site:

Trans Ferry

This is correct information. The fastest and most efficient way is from Valencia. Please have a look at It's the ferry company website. Any more questions, please pm me. I have gone to Ibiza in several routes.
Ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza... LONG. Very very very long. Ignore the promises of a "bangin' disco night" on the deck. It's long. And if you're on the superslow ferry, it's painfully slow, and there's a 90% chance they'll run out of sandwiches before you want one. The nicer ferry is nice, but, well, slow.
We jealously watched people get on planes to Ibiza from Barcelona. Jealously.
We book'd our hotels in Barcelona. So We have two options:

Take a train down to Valencia (how long is it gonna take?) and take the high speed ferry to Ibiza.


Fly to Ibiza from Barcelona?

Which is more economic?

Thanks so much guys!
Unless you're wedded to going to Valencia, I'd fly to Ibiza, especially if you're planning in advance. To do Valencia, you have to pay for return transportation there, accommodation (likely that you'll wind up having to stay overnight)... etc.
I recall the only reason we didn't fly from Barcelona to Ibiza was because it was the last minute and all the cheap flights were booked.
We have gotten the round trip tickets from barcelona to ibiza, $160 after tax. Yay we are flying to ibiza!! :D
we decided to fly to Ibiza in aug too... its almost the same price and only takes and hour vs the ferry which is 9!!!! I REALLY didnt want it to take that long... so eventhough i havent been yet, my advice is the plane (i was checking into trains to valencia and with that plus the ferry cost it seemed cheaper to fly) :lol:
We had to decide the very same thing. I've talked to people that have taken the ferry and they say flying is the sonly way to go from Barcelona...I booked out tickets on After changing the times around a little, I got our flight for $109 roundtrip! Not bad, huh? We do get in very early (9:30am), though, but who cares!

I have heard the flights to Ibiza are like a big party...

"going to I-BIIIII-ZZZAAA"

i cannot wait!
o hell yeah. PARTY in the plane already?!!? better yet, we might have a chance to catch lisa lashes.. pete tong... you might be able to catch tiesto or pvd. NOW THAT'S A PARTY