Bar prices


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I know in some clubs the prices of drinks varies depending on what bar you purchase from. Does anyone know where the cheapest bars are inside the clubs?

I've been told drinks are slightly cheaper in inside of Space and inside of DC10 but don't quote me on that cos I'm not normally that with it at Space/DC10 and they could charge me anything :rolleyes: :p
Apparently the drinks in the smaller rooms in Pacha are cheaper than if you buy them in the main bars.
I know it is pretty ridiculous. A lot of the time the bar staff will try and charge you what they like, depending on how nice you are to them or even if they like the look of you

Does anyone remember the transvestite who worked in the Coco Loco bar in the Amnesia Terrace? Not sure if he’s still there but if he liked the look of you he’d give you free coco locos. My friend was talking to him for ages one night and it was basically his job to decide who he wanted to give drinks to. Some people he charged full price, others he gave them for free all depending on what kind of mood he was in. :lol:
Its always a good idea to get friendly with a member of bar staff.
We got to know the guy at dome and we got some free drinks, hope he is still there. Also its a good idea to oredr your drinks in spanish, all i can say is ive never spent £10 an a drink anywhere, I think the most was 1500 psts in Pacha 2 years ago. I must admit I don't drink that much once i get into the clubs apart from when i'm in Space.
I know that 2 yrs ago I bought 2 Double Vodka red bulls from the inside bar at Space several times and it was about 2500 psts whcih i thought was pretty good. I always use the inside bar at space as it isn't as busy as the bar outside.