bar in ibiza? some help please :)


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i'm a dj from belgium and i went allready 4 times to ibiza. It was really love at first sight :) i knew from the first moment i was there this was my home. now, i and my best friend, are planning to open/take over a bar on the white island. is there anyone who can give me some advice? i would like to start something that's not too big, some bar in the busy part (ibiza maybe) where people can drink and maybe also eat something (i'm thinking about selling baguettes (i don't know the english term :oops: ). also me and my friend can play some good clubby happy music in the place. my boss, who has a bar here in gent, one of the most busy cities in belgium, would like to work for us as in belgium there is not so much to do in the summer in gent. maybe his experience in running a bar can help us also. but i would really like to get some advice from people who live in ibiza also... things like if it's a good idea and if we should do it and what we should take care of and... everything that can help us. it would make my life very beautiful :D
thank you very much,