Bambuddha, cant reach the restaurant, help needed


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how do I get in contact with Bambuddhas grove! ?

they won´t ever answer their phone, and the reservation-form on the net is out of order and has been for AGES! :x
i think we may have mentioned the possibility that they are closed. sit tight and wait.
Yeah Robo I did check out the page and today I recieved a confirmation mail that my order has been processed ,so now I have reservations there the 8th of August at 20.00 ;) 8)
wow, your lunch is so fashionably late!

don't forget the fireworks in ibiza on the stroke of midnight.
i will be there!! :D

you'd better get on the blower - they have a lot of works do's at the grove round xmas time.
yeah I know Im an early bird, but last year was awful when it came to making reservations. We had a table around midnight, and I cant eat that late! After 19.30 it´s we got early tables for drinks first and then the meals....the place is awesoem and so beautyful.
Check it out:

Hi! ;)
yeah it amazing!!!!

went to meet a friend and she said she lived behind bambuddha grove. turns out her dad owns the joint....RESULT!!!! can't wait to frequent this beauty all summer. one of the best hang-outs in ibiza for sure!
I got throu on the phone 2 or 3 weeks ago at about 10.00 am U.K. time and have booked a table as a surprise for my Wife on our anniversary. We've not been there befor, is it any good?
If yes, why?
well for starters: the place is like a hidden mansion for the ones who know about it. It has a big beautiful garden, with marroccan decorations, pillows and beds to lie on, whilst drinking cocktails from the bar in the garden. Then you get your table, usually in the main room where there´s a more oriental style to it, with buddha statues, cool waiters and soft music - usually chillbeats and housey loungestyle....

The menu is great! They have asian/oriental cooking, praws, lobsters, soups, chicken ect. and the wine isnt expensive.....the place is just amazing!