Balaric house


paul h

Hi this may sound a bit stupid but im just getting into dance music big after visiting ibiza this august. I think i have found my sound in balaric house and funky house.

Has anyone got any suggestions on what dj's or tracks i should check out? any help much obliged. cheers.
matinée group compilation vol 5 & 6 r the best cds from spain i got...
u could take a look @ el divino cds (2001,2002,2003),the dôme ibiza series..
i get cd balearic people mixed by s gamboa privilege 's resident...u may like it..4 me..a little deep house this cd...
u may listen to samples eveybody shoul buy the matinée pack on discount vol 2 to 6 @ 30e with delivey postage 4 6cd(x2).. 8)
take a look @ my topic! 8) hé!hé no answer.,people r used to listen to so much crap... :oops: :lol: (got nearly all hed kandi cds,some fabric cd,nearly all the ibiza compilations,all the defected cds etc...soulheaven london ibiza mixed by l l vega fooking boring :lol: i saw a post from a girl telling that was her best cd from 2003 :eek: )
its funny that nobody mentioned pippi, alfredo or cesar de melero!! :rolleyes:

<--- pippi :p
u can add cesar del rio 2...
u got some pippi tracks in the last chus's cds...this is iberican sound part2 or amplified...
dj pippi prent ikl:hea(r)t of cuica
in space ibiza dance pippi presente ikl:what awae wanna..
didn't know that alfredo play "balearic house"
4 cesar del melero he went in paris a few month ago in a little club & i missed it :confused: ..only little advert 4 this party :eek: ,ibiza djs used to play in big club in paris..& lot of advert 4 this...