BALANCE 005 / James Holden


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holy crap.

if you love music, get this album.

stunning, amazing, beautiful...


with this and sanders on the way, boy are we being spoilt at the moment
Both albums mentioned above are great.

Subliminal Winter Sessions is the better among the two, though they really dont feature the same music style so its hard to compare
i'm a big fan of james holden at the mo. With the launch of his own label we can only expect good things to come from him! Break in the clouds was one of my fave tunes this year without a doubt.
quality tip harry,

just got it and am listening to it now - superb. why is it so difficult to find this sort of music in a club?
Just been on his site and i see its out in australia but not out here till the 1st of november. so howd y'all get your copies? the site? think im just gonna wait until the 1st.
ordered my copy from aussie land. took around 8 days to get here which wasnt bad going. but yeah, its out in the uk on the 1st of november...
Was in HMV last night buying Sander and Lawler and asked the girl behind the counter about Mr Holden and If he was all set to be released on monday? To my dismay she checked her little computer screen and then told me she didnt know anything on his site it does say that the release date is for the 1st of November so if HMV dont know anything about it, it does lead to the question.....What is the craic????? :confused: