Bahia Hotel



We have recently heard from the Bahia Hotel that they have withdrawn their Half Board facility meaning that the Breakfast and Evening Meal are not included any more. I have tried to re-negotiate a different price from them, but unfortunately they are refusing to budge. As we have paid a deposit to our agent surely they cannot just change what they are offering us for the same price? If we cannot resolve this what alternatives would you recommend for staying in San Antonio Bay for the same standard / price?
Bahia is nicest hotel in San Antonio by far, I can't think of any alternatives that come close I'm afraid.

I wouldn't have thought they could completely drop half board facility without some reduction :?: You need to speak to your travel agent and check your terms and condtions that you signed.
Check your contract with the agent, if your confirmation details have changed I believe that they must allow you to choose alternative accomadation. just hassle them loads and they will probably cave in just to shut you up regardless.

In terms of other places to stay, dunno really - have a look at some of the other places mentioned on this board.

Well, after a quick discussion with agent just got £50 knocked off and a couple of free tickets. Cant complain. Apparantly the bahia is not doing any food this season apart from a snack bar. Never mind, never get to see breakfast and probably never make it to dinner. £50 should cover a nice slap up meal for me and the missus. Still got the Mercedes E stretch for the ride from the airport though ! :)
im in the bahia this year, getting there august 23 for two weeks.

Ive head good things about it so am even more excited, just wish I was there now:(
it's meant to be the best place in san an bay. I've booked it with a company based on the island and they were raving about it. Should be worth the money. Only going for 5 days over my birthday (16th - 21st July) so I can afford the nice little things while we are there rather than worrying about running out of cash.
There is another hotel kinda accross the road and set back a bit from the Bahia that is as good.

We stayed in it in 2001 for a pittance, (£100 pp per week ish) because it had opened half way through the season and so wasnt in any brochures. It was practically empty and we couldnt believe our luck!

Cant remember the name though, but will post it if i can.........