Bag stolen :o( Advice needed


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I had my bag stolen the other night :x :( which unfortunately had a few Christmas presents in it I'd just bought, not to mention money/cards/keys etc.

I've been in touch with the police and cancelled all my cards etc. The police said that any items in my bag I bought with my credit card should be covered and I would be able to claim the money back, as long as I had a crime reference number.

I just rang my creditcard company up and they said they don't pay out for that kind of thing, and as the items were already bought and in my bag they are not covered.

Anyone else had this happen to them and can offer any advice?

Ta :)
Sorry to hear that Becs, absolute bastards.

I would insist that your credit card company clarifies their insurance policy to you in writing. Such a vague response really isn't good enough.

I've heard of people being given these fob offs when you are in fact covered.

Also check the small print off your House insurance policy, you are often covered for a limited amount of possessions which are stolen away from your home.

Hope you get it sorted and don't let it take the shine off your Xmas celebrations!
The Credit Card theft guarantee is, unfortunately, not a universal benefit (unlike, say, fraud protection)
My gf had her bag stolen 2 weeks ago was a nightmare as she had keys,cards,phone,wallet,passport and loads of stuff with her address on so on top of everything she had to change the locks as well.
I havnt got any advice on the credit card thing but know how bloody annoying these things are so hope things work out as good as possible
MBNA pays out. I know that. Also Direct Line house insurance pays out on items stolen outside of the house. I also know that. Hope it helps. I got robbed on Christmas day a couple of years ago. Festive spirit eh ?!
So sorry to hear that bex.

Like mark says, house insurance is your best bet, check your policy......also go through what happened with jon before you make a claim. They could pick you up on something that would get them off the hook for paying out.

No better advice than already given to offer Becki. Sorry to hear though and hope you and Jon have a really great Xmas anyway. Some things, no-one can steal.