Back in Dublin... Advice?



What's the word on Dublin clubbing these days?

Spirit seems to have been quiet since the October weekender. How have Fri and Sat nights been of late? Not much going on at Redbox these days either save for Sandy Rivera in Dec?
I'm going to Dublin at New Year. Will most probably just get drunk in a pub but any advice on where we should go would be much appreciated.
For clubbin check out Redbox or Spirit. Spirit has a big new years bash on but tickets are not cheap at 40/50 euro.

Spirit has Jose nunez on the 12th and Roger Sanchez on the 19th
RedBox has Sandy rivera on the 12th and Jeff Mills on the

I saw Rivera at Redbox last year and I have to say it was one of the best shows i wqas ever at. He rocked the place to bits.

If your keen for the spirit new years bash you could book now. it will be a cracker night.
I'm off to Dublin as well for New Year with my mates and we have been told to book Spirit but some of my friends are suggesting that we just stay in pubs...can anyone suggest the best option here :D ..i think we should go to Spirit but I have been on Ticketmaster and they are not on sale yet..

Also whats best to do in Dublin on New Years Day/Night?? :D

Not sure what the score is for NYE, I will actually be in Fancy London...

As for this weekend... I am an absolute disaster today from last weekend in London but am thinking that I will probably end up at one of Jose Nunez @ Spirit or Sandy Rivera @ Redbox. I like the Subliminal sound more than Sandy but have heard that the Redbox is a better venue and attracts a better crowd... Love the fire juggling go go dancers at Spirit though!