[b]Y no CarL COx?[/b]



How come thers never talks about carlcox, i think his shits phat!!!
his live sets are of the sickter rickter.
What do you all think of carl cox.
I heard Carl Cox spin once on his birthday @ Coccon ~ Amneisa. His set was rocking, he played with so much energy -- going through tracks as if there's no tomorrow. He's on my top 10 favorite D.J list :p
wow hes goin to vegas i should go, can i still get tickets
i live in vancouver :(
i am going to see danny howells actually.... 8hr set!!!!! :eek: hob.com

cox will also be here in LA i think the day after... july 5... at spundae.
He's one of my favourites, saw him twice in Ibiza last year, and I'm off to his Global night @ Space on 2nd and 9th September :p