Azuline Mar Amantis

Thx for the link Stephen :)

I was also looking for personal comments from people who might have been there latly.
Blackout - when are you going? I am booked up for October and have read mixed comments from various websites

Would like to know what you think of it if you dont mind
Sure thing Emma

I'll be there during July for a week with 2 friends, I'll send you a little feedback of the hotel as soon as I get back. :)

quite a lot of my regulars stay there emma ,they all say its ok, no major problems xx and only 2 minutes from the pink panther xxx wooohooo:lol:
Stayed there about 5 years ago, decent staff, decent room and a wicked entertainment team. Only ten mins walk to the west end too :).
Thats what I figured Sue - instead of having to stumble down the road I can just trip up into the hotel!!! :lol::lol::lol:

I cant wait to come back to Pinks - make sure you have plenty cocktails left!
what would you like in your first big jug..on me for your belated birthday :lol:....

ooooo willy or balls??? I cant decide!!! I will let you decide between those 2 and you can surprise me!! :lol:

cant believe I have to celebrate my birthday in England this year - how boring!!
dont worry we will have a belated party for you xxxx:D

Sue you never disappoint and thats why I love ya!!

Cant wait to introduce you to the other half and tell him you are the one that has spent my last 2 birthdays with me and not him!!! :lol::lol::lol:
big welcome

we will make sure he has a good time lol.... sure he will love my big jugs as much as you do.....:eek: