Azuli Presents Miami 2003


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Has anyone heard this yet?? They release one every year after the Music Conference and there's normally a few tasty tunes on it that will get caned in Ibiza in the summer.

Bought this years this morning and sat here listening to it wishing the next 8 wks of my life away so that I could be hearing these tunes in Ibiza NOW!!!

1. Lee-Cabrera - Shake It (No Te Muevas Tanto) (Extended Mix)
2. Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Present 11th Dimension - Beat Goes On
3. Jay J - Keep On Risin’ (DJ Chus And David Penn Stereo Mix)
4. Sam La More - Takin’ Hold (Main Mix)
5. E-Funk Feat. Donica Thorton - Shout (Main Mix)
6. Bini & Martini Feat. Su’ Su Bobien - Say Yes (Bini & Martini Club Mix)
7. Work For Beauty - The Thing (Prax Paris Remix)
8. Big Moses Feat. Kenny Bobien - Brighter Days (Groovylizer’s Magic Interpretation)
9. Kevin Yost - Feeling (Dub Version)
10. Los Hermanos - Quetzal
11. Louie Vega & Jay ‘Sinister’ Sealee Starring Julie McKnight Present - Diamond Life (Jay ‘Sinister’ Classic Xtravaganza Mix)
12. Ben Watt - Lone Cat (Holding On) (Original Mix)
13. Emma Warren - Want You Back

1. Cloak & Dagger - The Boat (Cicada Remix)
2. Planet Funk - Who Said (Planet Funk Posillipo Mix)
3. Oscar G. & Ralph Falcon - Dark Beat (Murk Monster Mix)
4. Outta Limits - Mission Control (Ricky Montanari & Davide Ruberto Last In Space Remix)
5. Moonkat Feat. Ferank - Hear What Was Said (Vocal Mix)
6. Angelo Kortez - Twisted (AK Siren Mix)
7. Def E - Collective EP
8. Scanners (David Forbes & Mallorca Lee) - Shivver (Revisited Mix)
9. Jay Dee - Plastic Dreams
10. Djeep - What’s Come Over Me (Stefano Gamma Deep Vocal Mix)
11. Stephane Malca Feat. Kenny - Revolution (Mike Monday Goodman Remix)

There's some tunes that have been around a while and some newbies from Miami but it's normally a good indicator of what's going to be hammered in Ibiza.

2 notable ommisions imo are Saffron Hill and P Diddy.
I do not have the cd yet but I bought the promo version of the WMC03 sampler and there are a few brilliant tracks that they did not include on the cd, actually the weird thing is that there is only one track from the promo that is on the cd. I wonder if this normally happens?

One tune that may be especially massive Keep The Change - Sublime (sunkissed beats all the way through).
Chase, get your hands on this mate, if it was a burger it would be a Royale with Cheese! Class! :lol:

Louie Vega & Jay ‘Sinister’ Sealee Starring Julie McKnight Present - Diamond Life (Jay ‘Sinister’ Classic Xtravaganza Mix) is effin' unbelievable, this is going to be THE tune of the summer without doubt, get ready for plenty of replays on the old CD player!
that track has been about a while, Migs played it this time last year. though i haven't heard said remix yet, must check that out.
Thanks Fox, I have heard the track a few times but I think I will go ahead and just order it, can Julie McKnight do no wrong?
Barbie said:
4. Sam La More - Takin’ Hold (Main Mix)
6. Bini & Martini Feat. Su’ Su Bobien - Say Yes (Bini & Martini Club Mix)

I've got those two on promo and they're AMAZING!!!!! :eek:
Robo said:
geck - i dind't know you were a dj, and i also didn't know you had your own site via dj mag! i am very impressed!!

everyone should look here:

Thanks for the promotion Robo!!! ;) I don't have a residency at the moment anywhere, too busy working on my sites. I used to spin tunes at a few places where I used to live and used to help out with some mates do some beach parties and forest nights near Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast. Thing is my musical style has changed since I was laying down Trance and Hard House back in 98. Back in 98!!! Sound like a real pensioner at times! :lol: For the past few years I've gone back to my roots and prefer regular house and some Carl Cox style techno. Need a residency but in Hull there's little opportunity. Should start my own night maybe. ;)

Have you seen the Ibiza pictures on the Gecko site? Look for Bora Bora and Cala d'Hort.
Robo said:
what othr sites have you done?

loads, some bad, some good. The problem I have is where I work other people like to change what I've done which f***s me off as it spoils what they originally started as. Most of the time I just do Flash, which is the animation, and usually the graphics.

Off the top of my head some of the older ones I've worked on (not totally had control over) are:-

RHMR Market Research

G's - They do most supermarket salads (each page has a different animation)

Can't remember every site I've worked on in five years! :lol: