Azuli presents - Choice ??



I took a trip to HMV yesterday to purchase a new CD. Didn't really see anything I liked so I decided to look for Danny T - choice, I had heard this while in ibiza and even though i was very mashed at the time - taught it was good. Anyway, they didn't have it but i found Tony Humphries - choice instead. I'd seen him in Pacha this year and was well impressed so i decided to buy it. Wen i got home i realised that the CD wasn't mixed :cry: :cry: .
Bit of a disappointment really, anyway it contains lots of funky soulful tracks going right back to the 70s. Anyone else got any of the other Azuli choice cd's? Are they mixed? As i said, I've heard a bit of the Danny T one but can't remember if it was mixed or not.
I've got the Francois K one, it's not mixed and it's not that great, there are a few good tracks but nothing to write home about.
The Choice Cds are superb collections of classic club music picked by some proper legendary DJs, from 70s funk and disco thru to early house ... nice stuff ... but no, they're not mixed.

If you're looking for a mix CD more representative of DT's modern style, check out his Back to Basics CD .... 8)
I've got the Tony Humprhies one, and wasn't impressed at al to be quite honest with you.
The danny tenaglia choice is the dogs! have got the frankie knuckles choice ordered at the mo. hopefully it'll be as good as DT's. One thing i am a bit ragin about though is, if you look through the booklet in azuli presents space 2003 you will find a derrick l carter 'choice' album but for the life of me i cant find it anywhere. does anyone know anything about this? is it out yet?
The Danny T one is amazing, it's not full-on before you go out music but is fab collection of quality tunes. Want to get Tony Humprhies as well.
The Danny T one is amazing, it's not full-on before you go out music but is fab collection of quality tunes. Want to get Tony Humprhies as well.

I wouldn't recommend the Tony Humprhies CD - only listened to it once but not impressed.
The Frankie Knuckles one is PURE CLASS. 8)

& its mixed. No gaps between the tracks.

Its for all you soulful brothers and sisters out there who want to know the history of house. Its all old skool, that is from early eighties on CD 1, early nineties on CD 2, and at the first listen the track that sent shivers up my spine was the last one on CD 2. This is deffo a album which grows on you. It is the roots of HOUSE. He is the GODFATHER of HOUSE.

Bring on the grandads, they dont compare. No one does it like 'em. 8)

Happy, beautiful, smooth as a babys bottom sunshine music for connoisseurs. ;)
Cant wait to hear this compilation now after that review. o yeah by the way the tony humphries choice is on ebay for like £6 or somethin like that. ;)
Danny T cd is excellent - very good buy! Saw Tony Humphries at Ministry the back end of last year and he didn't inspire me to but the cd - he cleared the dark room like you would not believe. :( "Big Byrd who was with him and runs a night at shelter was quality though!