Awesome Bora Bora Tune



Hey Ibiza-Freaks,
hope you all had a great summer 2003 on Ibiza !

I am seraching for a "lee cabrera-move a little closer" - mix, which I heard lots of times at Bora Bora. It`s not the Marascia-Edit, but it has a similar voice in it. It sounds like some female african singer...

Thanx !
Martin 8)
Surely your talking about 'lee cabrera - shake it', you might have more luck if you search for that.

The mixes that have been given a full release:
Shake It (Original/Extended Mix) (7.09)
Shake It (Global Brothers Fast Cut) (5.24)
Shake It (Vendetta's Instrumental Edit) (7:08)
Shake It (No Te Muevas Tanto) (7'12) [assuming this is just the original mix?]
Shake It (No Te Muevas Tanto) (Onionz & Master D's Latin Spacecraft Dub)
Shake It (Stonebridge Dub Mix) (05:50)
Shake It (Stonebridge Club Mix) (07:09)
Shake It (Stonebridge Conga Massive) (02:00)
Shake It (Move A Little Closer) (Extended Vocal Mix) (7:08)
Shake It (Extended Mix) (7:08)
Shake It (Move A Little Closer) (Radio Edit) (3.29)

I dont think its any of them because i've had them all ato my knowledge and i remember the sorta thing you speak of. I think it will be the junior vasquez mix, i havent bothered to listen to this because i've had enough of the song really! There's also an antoine clamaran mix but i doubt thats it.