Awakenings Festival 2019


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Incredible event - first went two years ago, this time was even better.

Logistics, organisation, production, sound levels and quality, music, variety, food and drink choices, crowd, weather - amazing.

Getting out of there was a bit of a pain in the arse though, for a number of reasons - but I guess they're processing 35-40,000 people departing.

Best set was Victor Ruiz B2B Bart Skils, followed by Pan Pot.

Wish I was able to go on Sunday but child + job duty meant having to fly back yesterday at 4 PM.

Definitely going again next year.


Think my soul just about catched up with my body and is back from Amsterdam too!! What a weekend! As always quality sound, production and djs.

Saturday evening I was passing V stage to see someone else but ended up staying there because the music was so good! To my surprise Kolsch was playing there. I seen him once before but wasn't that bothered but this set he played was superb, perfect sunset music!

Another highlight was rebekah and pan-pot closing Saturday.

Sunday ilario alicante during the day was magic as well Charlotte de witte!

Oh and Capratti delivered the perfect after party soundtrack in the warehouse elemenstrat!

Can't wait to go back next year for 20th anniversary celebrations!