Awakening Eindhoven


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Anyone else been before or going? Just booked and rather excited. Line up looks decent, usual suspects but nothing wrong with that imo!


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Interested to hear about this venue and event aswell.

Currently grafting in Rotterdam but have that weekend and the following week off.


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Been there last year, its alright but nothing specical except the indoor fireworks : 3 big rooms with standart visuals+lightning ; average sound systems and audience


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I booked very spontaneously and kinda regretting it due to money reasons now but should still be a good crack! Very good line up and love a road trip

Edit: @craig72 no pun intended with the crack comment :lol:


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You must love the rave mate...:) try get spotlight to sponsor you to Drive from UK to Ibiza for Solly+Sven closing part 2... picking up the pirate in Paris on the way...;)
Thing is I would 100% do that! Let’s get a go fund me page started :p

Although we might have to gag the pirate ...


Can advise you to book the Blue Collar hotel next door. It's a 2 minute walk to the venue, around the corner.
Take a room as high as possible though, if you end up leaving early and want to sleep. I stayed there for Elrow in December...but booked for another night to have some rest and city touring Eindhoven. However Klokgebouw had another party the second night, couldn't sleep because of the bass.