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hi any info about aurigacrown carhire company, price for small car in sept seems
to good to be true, going up to portinatx looking like a taxi at the mo with all this car hire
problems .


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i have used aurigacrown twice in ibiza and they are fine. actually their staff are more friendly at the airport than other companies' staff.

their office is also open 24 hrs which is good for night flights but sometimes cars collected in the early hours will not have been fully valeted.

i would defo book with them again.

Luke C

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there are and have been a lot of problems with aurigacrown this year in ibiza and mainland spain, if you google for auriga crown problem, you will see what i mean.

There are a lot of bookings that are being cancelled at the last minute by them with no offer of any other cars due to a lower than expected number of vehicles they have decided to hold, mainly due to the credit crunch. Some people only find out at the last minute when turning up to their office at the airport only to be told there is no car for them.

Just be careful, luckily it didnt happen to me but the internet forums are rife with complaints.

I used aurigacrown a few weeks back in ibiza, service was a bit of a let down, horrendous queues at the desk, if you dont take out additional insurance with them they will demand and charge €300 to your credit card as a deposit (rather than just reserving this amount), when you return the car you have to wait for a refund from them which can take anything up to a few weeks for it to come through. I waited for over a week to get my money back and lost out due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Who have your seen the car price through, Aurigacrown direct, or via an agent?

marko b

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I have just booked a car for a week in October through Centauro rent a car. They seem to a similair poilicy of 300 Euro deposit on credit card. Anyone ever booked with them and experienced any problems?



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i rented cars twice with centauro without problems,and i rent a car with them this year too in august.


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just get any carhire firm forget the costs.staying where you are will cost you around 70 euro return in a taxi it so way out car it is then airport to airport.

so put the 70 euro towards getting a car for your stay.


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I used Auriga Crown last year and their prices were excellent and the office was open 24 hours at the airport which saved an addition £20 compared to most others who wanted out of hours charges. The service wasnt exactly friendly but it was 2am. We paid for a full tank of fuel on arrival but as we drove away, my gf noticed it was half full so i jumped out and ran back in ready for a big argument but to be fair to them, they refunded the what we paid for fuel so we got half a tank free. I do think it was a genuine mistake and she took my word for it without checking.

They did take a €300 deposit but all of the smaller hire firms have done that to me when i have rented a car and unfortunately, far too many of the smaller firms have bad feedback online these days.

This year i have gone for expedia/europcar as we need a car that we could collect in Ibiza Town. I'll let you know how they are!


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I have used Centauro 3 times a year (May, July and September) for several years and never had a problem - no deposit required, return tank full and get an immediate refund on your credit card and although I was disappointed they moved office from airport to just outside, the minibus transfer has been well organised and this year had a weeks freebie for using them. Not dear either, my week in july was 146 euro.


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I was stranded at airport. Arrived to find Auriga Crown office closed. Not just me but 5 other people. Phoned next day to be told my booking had expired after 2 hours even though the office wasn't open.
It's a big scam, they know they can rent cars for more money than those who booked early(January in my case) so they just shut the office at night then bull**** you.

Luke C

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As i mentioned before this is a big problem with auriga crown at the moment, luckily i was okay in ibiza a few weeks back (although i had to wait half an hour whilst the office was shut) but im back again in a couple of weeks and have a booking with them too. They probably didnt have any cars to give out which is why they most likely closed the office

If you use an agent to make your booking (like doyouspain), it would be a good idea to confirm with them before you go that everything is in order. I have been told by doyouspain who i have booked through that they will provide an alternative car or refund any additional cost in the event that my car is not available.


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Just got back from our trip, and we had gotten a car for 2 weeks through aurigacrown (booked through

The staff was friendly and helpful, however my booking through DoYouSpain said it was going to be 265 Eur for everything originally, then we got to ibiza we found out they were going to charge us an extra 80 Eur for insurance for two weeks and an extra 55 Eur for a full tank of gas. Came to be an extra 135 Eur than what DoYouSpain had quoted we were a little upset about that. Total was 400 Eur for two weeks to rent a damn Ford Focus!!

You don't HAVE to put up the 300 Eur insurance deposit for the rental either, you can just charge it at an extra 8 Eur/day while you are there.

There's a place called Hiper Rent a Car across from the airport...we booked through them last year and there were no hidden fees, the car was a lot better quality too. It was 265 Eur for two weeks. Try looking them up.

Luke C

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Just got back from our trip, and we had gotten a car for 2 weeks through aurigacrown (booked through

..... we got to ibiza we found out they were going to charge us an extra 80 Eur for insurance for two weeks and an extra 55 Eur for a full tank of gas. Came to be an extra 135 Eur than what DoYouSpain had quoted we were a little upset about that. Total was 400 Eur for two weeks to rent a damn Ford Focus!!........


Do you expect to get your gas for free??, it states in your booking that any hires over 3 days will charge for a full tank of fuel and you take it back empty. You didnt have to pay for the additional insurance either, you could pay the €300 deposit on your card and got it back at the end of your holiday so that would have meant you paid nothing extra:)


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I booked with Doyouspain and Augria Crown was the agent i hired the car from in July.

Found the service above average and efficient. Staff were friendly and helpfull.

Paid for the full tank and gave a deposit of 300.

Used up nearly the full tank and got my 300 back within a week. Saves the hassle of finding a petrol station to fill up at on way back to airport.


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i booked a car via DoYouSpain in March and had to receive it on the airport from Aurigacrown.
W landed on Ibiza at the end of Juli and Aurigacrown told me that the do nothing from my DoYouSpain Booking ! So BULLSSSHIIIT ! No car... phoned 3 days like stupid to DoYouSpain and then they found another car for me. But : The car was smaller, bad condition, 4 days lost but same price like the car i booked in march !


Next time i will pay more and use Europcar oder another huge worldwide Rental :spank:


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never had any problems with carjet or hiperarentacar both gave me better cars than i booked.hiper you only have to look for the men in yellow to take you off airport to get car.even had a backlight broke off.and they never said a word.